Autumn Olive Photography: Blog en-us (C) Autumn Olive Photography (Autumn Olive Photography) Sat, 16 Jan 2016 21:15:00 GMT Sat, 16 Jan 2016 21:15:00 GMT Autumn Olive Photography: Blog 113 120 Lake Lure NC Wedding Photographer Reviews I won't lie.  I LOVE photographing families and weddings.  I also LOVE getting those pictures back to clients quickly and spend all hours of the night editing.  Yes, I love enjoying a cup of coffee and being glued to my computer while everyone else is sleeping.  Today, I decided to google "Autumn Olive Photography".  Some photographers give their clients a discount for leaving a review on a search engine.  I have never been one of those.....I had found that a couple of REALLY sweet brides took the time themselves (and got nothing in return), to leave some very nice messages about my business!  You can find them here!

"Tristan and I recently got married off the lake of Lake Lure, NC. I fell in love with Cristen's photos off her website and found out how nice she was through emails. Being from out of state she kept in great contact and did a fantastic job at our wedding. Our pictures came out great and we couldn't be happier with her. Kristin & Tristan"

"Cristen is a wonderful photographer! She was absolutely awesome to work with for our wedding. Everything was planned by e-mail prior to the event; Cristen always responded promptly and ensured I was aware of the entire timeline of the night. She was flexible and accommodating to all our different picture requests and made everyone feel so comfortable. The pictures turned out beautiful! Thank you, Cristen!"


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Wedding Photographer Autumn Olive Photography Lake Lure NC Rumbling Bald FD4A7243FD4A7243


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Lake Lure Wedding and Rumbling Bald Wedding Photographer  



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The Rumbling Bald Resort Lake Lure Wedding The Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure is probably a favorite!  I may be bias because I had my wedding there almost 9 years ago and know all the great spots to photograph brides and grooms!  Here are a couple pictures from this couples wedding!

IMG_5043IMG_5043 IMG_4933IMG_4933 IMG_5273IMG_5273




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Elopement, Asheville, NC FD4A1390FD4A1390 FD4A1516FD4A1516 FD4A1675FD4A1675 FD4A1733FD4A1733 FD4A1828FD4A1828

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A hike in fall.... IMG_5782IMG_5782 IMG_5864IMG_5864 IMG_6092IMG_6092

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Halloween Pictures, Marion NC FD4A6780FD4A6780 FD4A6904FD4A6904

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Engagement Lake Lure, NC FD4A6232FD4A6232 FD4A6390FD4A6390 FD4A6537FD4A6537 FD4A6487FD4A6487

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One more....Rumbling Bald! IMG_4917IMG_4917

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Rumbling Bald Wedding Lake Lure August242013-104August242013-104 August242013-371August242013-371 FD4A3087FD4A3087 FD4A3242FD4A3242 IMG_3316IMG_3316

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Rumbling Bald Wedding IMG_5043IMG_5043Lake Lure Wedding FD4A3720FD4A3720 IMG_5268IMG_5268

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Fall pictures Asheville, NC Autumn Olive Photography Fall is in the air, and we all went on a little hike to get some amazing images of these kiddos!! :) 










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Senior Portraits Asheville NC Autumn Olive Photography What a beautiful young lady who is now in her Senior year!






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Brown Mountain Resort Wedding Autumn Olive Photography FD4A0581FD4A0581




FD4A1032FD4A1032 IMG_2832IMG_2832 IMG_2888IMG_2888

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Rumbling Bald Resort Wedding, Lake Lure NC. Autumn Olive Photography Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure, NC

Need I say more?  What is better than this location where water meets the mountains!!  How about an awesome couple??  :)  Check out these fun images from the beautiful wedding!!













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Asheville, NC engagement session. Autumn Olive Photography Autumn Olive Photography

A fall engagement session in the mountains of western, nc with this beautiful couple! They met in  med school and will soon be getting married!  Small world....he actually went to High School with one of my friend's husbands! :)  









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Engagement Photographer, Lenoir, NC - Brown Mountain Beach Resort  

What a beautiful couple at the Brown Mountain Beach Resort!!!  We had so much fun!!  Here are just a handful of pictures from our session!! Enjoy!!










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FD4A1479 copy


Brown Mountain Beach Resort Photographerengage6

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A fall wedding :) I had so much fun photographing this wedding in Morganton, NC. The decorations and the couple were perfect….here are just a couple from the special day…ashevillencweddingphotographer



img_3936-copy img_3990-copy-400x600


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Little Switzerland Wedding Photographer We photographed a wedding in Little Switzerland!!  Love the backdrop and couple!! :)icon_smile





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Family Photographer, Morganton, NC Love photographing family here in Morganton!!! :)icon_smile




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